Systool Virus

The Systool virus is rapidly spreading and will render all your applications as well as your antivirus inoperable therefore making a difficult virus to remove unless you have the knowledge to remove it. We have removed many of this strain of virus over the last few months and know how to easily remove it and take steps to avoid you getting a return virus infection of it. if you do have this type of computer virus give us a call or use the contact form to arrange an appointment to get it removed.

Search Engine Redirect

A search engine re-director
is a virus infection that infiltrates your search engines ie Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo etc… and redirects to sites that you have not clicked on the link to. Sometimes the sites they redirect you to are a site trying to sell you you something but sometimes you may be directed a site with adult content that is not suitable for any minor to see. this type of virus is a nuisance and difficult to remove as traditional anti virus’s don’t seem to find the cause. we have removed many of these in the past and will continue to in the future. If you have a virus infection of this type please call or contact us so we can remove the virus once and for all and give you sound advice on how to not get it back.

Fake Alert Trojan

A Fake alert Trojan virus is now one of the most common virus’s out there that when infected makes you think it is an antivirus program that has found infections on your computer then asks you to pay to upgrade the program to delete and repair your system. This program is malicious in a way that it tries to extract your hard earned cash by pretending you are infected when in fact it is the alert that is the virus itself. If you find you have one of these on your system give us a call so we can clean your system of it completely and protect you from future attacks of this fake virus.