If you are having major problems with your laptop we can repair the motherboard for you saving you possibly hundreds of pounds on the cost of a replacement motherboard. Since 2006 all electrical equipment has to be ROHS compliant and one of these requirements are that lead free solder is used to mount components to the motherboard. This type of soldering can fail especially on parts that use a lot of power and get very hot and then what happens is the solder that has failed does not let the component to the motherboard correctly and causes the laptop to no longer operate correctly. Here at computer repair Manchester we can locate this problem and re-solder the component back on correctly using state of the art equipment and high quality solder and flux. We can repair motherboards that have failing GPU’s that most other PC repair companies would just say ” sorry the boards gone its going to cost a few hundred pounds or just scrap the laptop” here we give you a cheaper option with minimal of fuss.

If you have any of the following issues with your laptop you will more than likely have a motherboard fault.
•Laptop turns on the power lights come on the wireless light flash and the hard disk light might flash but the screen doesn’t light up or come on in any way, even when you plug an external monitor in there is no display whatsoever.
The cause for this is generally the Gpu has come away from the motherboard especially on some HP Dell & Sony laptops using the  graphics chip. We will take off your chip re-ball with good quality solder and reattach to the motherboard.
•Laptop freezes constantly or displays blue screen error messages then reboots at random times or during laptop start up.
the cause for this could be the southbridge chip has come away from the motherboard causing information that should go the processor to get corrupt and not reach its destination intact, Here we can re-flow or re-ball the southbridge chip to ensure all points of contact are correct and working correctly so the data sent across the data bus gets to the correct part of the CPU.