We replace any make and model of laptop screen at competitive prices, We can come to your premises anywhere in Manchester and replace the screen in less than 1 hr.


Cracked Laptop Screen

Cracked screens are the most common need for a replacement due to accidental damage causing the  layers inside the screen to crack and give the effect it is leaking an ink type product inside it, even if the outer glass is ok once the inner layers have cracked a full screen replacement is necessary.


Unlit Dark Laptop Screen
If your laptop isn’t lighting up yet you here it starting as normal it could mean it needs replacing as the ccfl backlight has failed making it impossible to light up and view whats being displayed on the screen, it could also be that the inverter has failed. If you shine a torch on the screen you should still be able to see the display showing the laptop is ok but the screen has gone. see our laptop repair section for inverter replacements but either way we will test this for you as not to waste you any money in the first instance.


Lines on Screen

If you have lines going down or across your laptop screen this means that the screen is not operating correctly and will need replacing with a new one, when this happens it is because the circuit board that is connected to the back of the laptop screen and drives the image on the screen has malfunctioned and is more than likely that the circuitry has failed.


Frozen Image
If when your using the laptop the image freezes yet the hard disk light still flickers and any sound you may be playing is still audible the chances are your screen needs replacing, as with lines on the screen another typical indication that the circuitry has failed and that the display will freeze as it isn’t able to redraw the new image that should appear.


Laptop Screens Fitted on site. LED or LCD glossy screen, our screens are a high quality replacement for your existing model, usually they are the exact screen match ie LG or Samsung who are the 2 top laptop screen manufacturers in the world and are used by a majority of laptop manufacturers IE. Sony, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, HP, Compaq, etc.. Your laptop screen can be fitted in the comfort of your own place the same day you enquire about getting a replacement. Call or use our contact page if you require a laptop screen replacement service