Welcome to Computer Repair Manchester Internet & Network Setup. Whether it’s a full office network setup or a multiple home user network setup or network share of your equipment
Computer Repair Manchester have the network solution that will suit you best.


If you are looking at setting up a network and need the expertise and advice of our technicians, here at Computer Repair Manchester we will have the ideal solution for you. Most home users will just need a simple network set up in their home so they can have multiple or just one device accessing that network, these can consist of pc’s, laptops, media centres, games consoles, media streaming devices etc… Here at Computer Repair Manchester we make your home network setup simple and easy for you to use and maintain, making it easy for you to add any other devices in the future if you need to. We will come to your home after discussing with you what type of network will be better suited, fit the equipment required to run the network then configure all your devices to access the network and share any resources you may need requiring sharing i.e. Printers, DVD re-writers, files and folders which is a great reason in itself to have a network setup within your home. We can share resources between any operating systems so you don’t have to worry if you run several types in one household whether its different versions of windows or if you have a Linux system running anywhere say on a small net-book you may possess. All equipment can be supplied at a competitive rate or we can install any network equipment you already have yourself. We also reconfigure previously setup networks you may have already installed and optimize them to ensure your security and speed of the network is running at its best. Call or email Computer Repair Manchester for a simple and cost effective solution to your network needs to get you on the road to making your equipment work for you.