Welcome to Computer Repair Manchester Data Transfer. Getting a new computer can be a really enjoyable prospect for any computer user the one problem that can happen and often puts people off is transferring data and programs from your old machine to your new faster machine.


If your computer is broke or your are thinking of upgrading it to a newer faster model or just need an extra one in the shape of a laptop or media centre Data Transfer can sometimes be a bit tricky at the best and doesn’t always work out as planned, here at Computer Repair Manchester we used the latest software along with our expertise to ensure your data transfer process goes with the amount of fuss from one PC to the other. We transfer your user data, programs and settings you have already on your old PC to your new one so it feels just the same and all the time you have put in setting up your PC in the past is preserved on your new one, If there are several users on your old PC you have the option to data transfer any number of the accounts on there to your new one. Some of the programs files and settings included in the data transfer are • Microsoft Office • Design Programs • PC Games • Instant Messengers • Financial and Tax Software • Spreadsheets • Photos • Videos • Music • Podcasts • Desktop Backgrounds • Icons • Browser Settings • Favorites/Bookmarks • Internet & Network Settings Please call or email to arrange a data transfer session at very competitive rates