Computer Upgrades are usually carried out to assist the end user in maximizing there time and efficiency when using a PC but some upgrades can cause problems with incompatibility issues so it is highly recommended to get professional advice and use someone like us to carry out any type of upgrade you are looking at implementing. Please call or email for advice on any type of software or hardware computer upgrade.


Memory upgrade

As programs and operating systems are increasing in size and complexity this is draining the resources on your RAM in your PC, by increasing the RAM you reduce the amount of virtual memory required and ensure your processor uses its maximum amount of speed on running your programs instead of waiting for the information to be written to and from your hard drive before it can execute the commands required.


Hard Drive upgrade

Increase the amount of storage space in your system for storing your ever increasing amount of data is an excellent computer upgrade, several hard drives can also be installed to maximize the unlikely loss of data by backing up on different drives other than the main drive your operating system uses.


CPU’s or Processors

Upgraded your CPU to improve the speed of your computer system, this is the heart of your system that calculates the millions of equations a PC has to go through to carry out any given operation or command, coupling this type of upgrade along with a RAM upgrade has the most dramatic effect with regards to system speed up and is highly recommended.


Graphics cards and Sound Cards

Upgrade graphics and sound to improve gaming capability and viewing experience with regards to watching the new high definition media available right now.


Firmware Upgrades
Ensure that your hardware is using the latest and most stable version of the software that your hardware needs. Firmware upgrades are where your devices are flashed to there on-board chip with the latest software from the device manufacturer. These generally include bug fixes and increase performance of the device and include devices that are generally independent of the operating system IE: CD ROMS , MOBO BIOS etc.


Software Upgrades

Fairly common upgrade with the ability to install a newer version of the operating system you are currently using or the application software you currently run, you may want the newer and more stable version.