Welcome to Computer Repair Manchester Virus Removal.
A Computer Virus can be one of the most annoying and painful processes a computer user can experience, with thousands of different computer virus out there call or email if you need expert help in removing these unwanted pests at a competitive price.

There are many types of computer virus’s out there today that predominantly infect the Microsoft operating system due to the security vulnerabilities of it.
They all come under the title of malware which is short for malicious software, this is software designed to infiltrate a laptop or computer system without the owner’s consent.

If you think or suspect you have a computer virus of any form running on your system please do not hesitate to contact us for malware and virus removal before the problem gets any worse and could corrupt any valuable data on your computer or even worse extract your hard earned money.

Malware is a general term used to mean a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software or program code.
Malware is generally transferred to the user’s computer by the use of the internet i.e. the World Wide Web or email. A general computer virus has the ability to copy itself to infect a computer and that in turn must be executed (Clicked on) in order for the infection to take place.
Other types of malware do not have this ability to reproduce but use a more sinister way of installing themselves on your system either by clicking a link on a website or accepting an email.
A Majority computer virus’s do nothing more than cause annoyance to the user sometimes by making the pc unusable by corrupting files and the registry on your hard drive.
Other computer virus ‘s try and extract your hard earned money out the end user to remove a product or falsely remove infections that do not really exist.
With our knowledge of most of the latest virus’s out there and how they attach themselves and even exist on your system by clever masking techniques so your antivirus won’t even detect them we have the tools and expertise to remove them and return you to a safe and pleasurable user environment.
We will then also recommend any steps you can take to ensure it wont happen again