We use a very specified procedure to remove any infections you may have on your computer system, we have been removing virus’s and malware from computers for several years and have never had an infection that we cant remove completely or resolve by using other specified techniques to eradicate all virus infections from your PC allowing you to continue your work without being affected by the annoyance a virus can cause.

Types of virus’s we remove are
•Man in The Middle
•Fake Alerts
•Google/Bing/Yahoo Search Engine Redirect
•Antivirus 2009/2010/2011
•XP/Vista/Windows 7 Antivirus

What We do to remove any of these virus infections
•Firstly Identify the type of virus you have
•Locate the file that causes the infection to execute
•Delete the known bad file
•Locate & Delete Registry Entry that Cause File to Run
•Delete all temporary files
•Reset Internet Explore/Firefox/Chrome Settings
•Reset Proxy Settings
•Renew Local Hosts File
•Use specialist software to ensure system is clean
•Update all security vulnerable software
•Install free antivirus software
•Teach you how to stay uninfected and how to treat any infections you may gain

All this completed at your premises usually within 1 hr